Teenage gets her gash licked and screwed by her boss

Teen gets her beaver slurped and pummeled by her boss

This is this youthful teenagers first job and she doesn’t know what to do when the boss pulls her over towards him and he runs his arm up her skirt and fingers her pussy and then unbuckles her T-shirt and gropes her baps. He sets her up on his desk, spreads her legs wide and eats her cooter. She might have been wary at highly first but does not take long before she is into it and even gets down on her knees and goes down on him. He gets her on her knees in the chair and pushes his chisel into her honeypot from behind. They end up on the floor with her railing her gash up and down his fuck-stick and then plowing her spoon pose as well. She goes down on him once again and then he splatters his cum all over her mounds.

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