Elle La Ware – The Hottest Revenge

The Hottest Revenge

For Ella, the best vengeance she could have on her cheating bf is pulverizing another guy with a thicker salami. This peed teen finds a fellow in no time and takes him back to her place to ravage her rage away. She commences off by leisurely working his pecker down her mouth till it’s kittling her tonsils and then she tells her fuck-friend just how to tickle her pussy. Once she starts screwing you see just how much of a dumbass Ella’s boyfriend is for cheating on her. Ella is cute, has a slim figure, likes sucking dick and screws tough. She talks filthy and wails like a insatiable super-bitch. She demands more manstick fucking between her gasps and squeals. See as she ends off all over this cock and then keeps going till she’s red in the face.

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